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Welcome to ZPMed® (centre for preventive medicine) in Bad Kissingen

You are a manufacturer and would like to have a product examined and certified from a preventive medical point of view?

Then request a test at ZPMed® for a "Confidence Seal" or a "Confidence Seal Premium"

Our aim:
ZPMed® is part of a healthcare network, and we check products/procedures from preventive medical point upon request.
ZPMed® performs neither a medical diagnosis nor a therapy.
In case of a positive outcome, the preventive medical confidence seal
"Health product" - recommended by the ‘Centre for preventive medicine" edited by ZPMed®, is awarded..

We want to contribute our share to help reduce the frequency of chronic diseases among the general population.

Dr. med. Herbert Schulze
Facharzt für Orthopädie, Badearzt

ZPMed® charges for evaluations and handling, as well as for the use of the seal.

Reasons that speak for the 'confidence seal':