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The "Confidence Seal"

The 'Confidence seal' is awarded to products / procedures, which are certified after a thorough check of their health- promoting characteristics.

What does "health-promoting" mean?

Products / procedures are health-promoting if their use improves health, reduces the risk of damages to health, and prevents the development of diseases.

Prerequisite and awarding

After a thorough check through tester qualified in preventive medicine, the certificate is awarded solely to high-quality products / procedures, which have a verifiable health-promoting effect or which are effective for disease prevention. (Special consideration is given to biomechanics, pain prevention, positive effects on the musculoskeletal system and the immune system, shortening the periods of convalescence, wellness.)

The right of use is confirmed by the annual awarding of an annual certification number.

The "Confidence Seal Premium"

The 'Confidence Seal Premium' is awarded to products / procedures, which meet the requirements for the 'Confidence Seal', but which additionally can prove that they have a leading position in their product group.

The "Confidence Seal Premium" is awarded only once in every product group.